The plain walls of the house sometimes look boring. For that, empty walls are often decorated, such as photos, posters, paintings, or even close with wallpaper. But actually the wall can be enhanced by coating it with wooden panels.

In addition to aesthetic factors, wood also has several advantages compared to other building materials. Compared to metal, for example, wood has advantages in interacting with heat.

There are some basic ideas in utilizing wood to change the dull walls to be part of the appeal of the room.

For an elongated room, decorating the farthest side with wooden panels is worth a try. The wooden accents on this farthest side can “hold up” the wall and integrate it with the overall ambience of the room. For more info you can visit Reclaimed Wood Flooring LA.

Some Tips

Well, to optimize the potential of wood in beautifying the walls of the house, a few things to note:

First, try to identify the characteristics of wood, especially the texture and color. Different wood types have different textures. Likewise the color, there is a dark brown to blackish, some are bright. Not to mention, each wood has a different level of flexibility and violence. Teak wood, for example, is harder than mahogany.

Second, the selected mounting technique also plays a role in optimizing the wood characteristics. You can take advantage of the transverse texture of the wood, but the longitudinal texture also gives a compelling style.

Instead of arranging long boards, for example, you can sort the boxes from the longitudinal pieces of wood. This will show the beauty of the wooden year circle arc.

Creating pieces of wood with a thickness that is not the same also no harm. Uneven wooden walls have their own charms. Not to mention if you arrange it by considering the dark-lit grain of wood pieces. In this way, you can get a charming “pixelate” wall.

Hopefully some of the ideas above can inspire you to create and bring the natural beauty of wood into your home.

Tips to Beautify Room Wall with Wood Panel