The wedding season is here and the wedding bells are ringing for everyone. Planning to get hitched this season? Want to set up the bestwedding with the best theme? Worry not. A wedding planner is the person you need to hire. How much will the wedding cost? Worry not – a wedding planner also takes care of that!

There was a time, maybe 5-6 years back that only rich brats and affluent families could hire wedding planners. The reason was simple. The exorbitant charges set by wedding planners due to which they were out of reach for not so rich people. However with the profession gaining attention and weddings becoming more hip, wedding planners are becoming a necessity.

While a nuptial ceremony is the most important event in lives of many, it is highly advisable to hire an expert who can do the job perfectly without any hassle. For this, it is great to hire a wedding planner who can do the task with ease.

So, gear up your sleeves to hire one of the most important persons of your special day; your wedding planner!

Qualities to look for in your wedding planner before hiring him:

  • Clear mindset

While looking for a wedding planner, make sure you take a proper interview. In case you fail to judge the candidate correctly, you might end up in a big trouble where your wedding will be a complete disaster. Hire someone who has a clear mindset about how your wedding will be organized. Tell them your requirements, family background, things to do and things to avoid. Then, give them some time to come up with their ideas and how they plan an event to look like.

If your wedding planner comes up with a temporary idea without strong backing of how it will be done, then you know where to put their CV. If your wedding planner is confused with ideas, ask him to make a better plan, or try the other applicant. Ask them how they plan to decorate the site, which band are they going to hire, which catering company, etc.

  • Experience

You cannot let an amateur ruin your big day while trying out new and buzzing ideas. It is good to hire someone who can add freshness to your big day. However, your wedding planner must know how to organize a big number of guests while ensuring that everyone is happy and satisfied with the arrangements.

We all make mistakes, we’re humans, but an experienced person will know how to solve the problem instead of panicking. Ask the planner how versatile they have been with their previous orders. Ask if they can show you pictures of feedback from previous couples.

  • A budget-complying person

Hiring a professional planner in itself means that you will be spending something extra than expected on your wedding. However, if you are being smart about it, you can actually ensure that this extra expense helps you in cost cutting. It is really simple.

Ask your service provider if they are well-connected with the various vendors. Someone who can manage flower arrangements, a nice affordable band for the reception and someone who can set up a bar at a minimal cost can certainly help you get discounts. Take some advantages from the experience and networking of these people so that they can be handy for your money matters.

  • Time cautious

Someone who enjoys planning, making schedules and following them will be a great wedding planner. Since it goes by the name, this person will have to plan things in advance and know the right time to schedule them.

Sometimes the service provider will also need to multi-task. He or she must not freak out about the idea, but take it as a challenge and come up with the best solution. Your wedding planner cannot be late and also needs to ensure that other people they have to manage are on time. The proper arrival and working hours of the florist, makeup person, photographer, hair stylist, dress designer, cook, caterers, decorators, movers and packers will be handled by them.

  • Communication skills

This is by far the most sought quality or characteristic when you are interviewing any person. Your planner will have to talk to your guests and interact with organizers. Hence, the planner needs to be someone who has superior communication skills.

While interviewing someone for this job, gauge whether they feel cautious while speaking. Check if there is sync between their body gestures and the words they speak. Also see if they are good listeners. While dividing the responsibilities, the planner must know how to listen to vendors. He should know how to listen about problems of others and then respond.

  • Expertise

Make sure that the person you are hiring is an expert in the sphere. He has to be able to arrange everything in accordance with your requirements. Starting from your engagement, and the dance night and ending with the reception and the honeymoon, your wedding planner will take care of every detail. From the moment the invitations are sent till the day you and your better half have taken vows and cut the wedding cake, make sure that the wedding planner is enthusiastic all the time and is proficient in doing it all.

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Hire the Best Wedding Planner to make your wedding a memorable event
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