The wooden floor is no longer as a symbol for traditional house houses as it was in ancient times because the wood floors nowadays become a floor symbol for a modern, beautiful and artistic home house. The characteristics of this wood floor is so distinctive that it becomes the smartest choice to be chosen by modern society in decorating the floor of the house. The texture is very good and the color is very interesting to make this wooden floor much hunted by modern society to be used as the floor of his house. Do you want to see more floor? I recommended you to see Pine Floorboards.

With this wooden parquet a house floor looks very luxurious, natural and capable of providing sophisticated effects with a very neat and charming arrangement. Therefore, the appearance of this wood floor looks very neat with a very high aesthetic value of art. There are many types of wooden flooring that is the choice of modern society, although that is widely used only a particular type of wood that is suitable to decorate the house in the tropics.

Floor With Merbau Wood Material

Merbau wood flooring is widely selected by many modern homeowners because it has its own distinctive color like a brownish red and has a strong even to be able to balance wood materials. Fiber owned by merbau wood is very unique that is formed not straight and does not connect so as to be able to display the exotic side of wood floors typical of Indonesia. The moisture content of this merbau wood floor is excellent so it is suitable to be applied in the tropics.

Floor With Wood Material

wood floors or Eusideroxylon zwageri or also known as iron wood is currently increasingly difficult to find because the number is almost extinct. Indeed, the floor with iron or iron wood materials has a very high price because obtaining it is quite difficult. The typical color of this wood is black as iron and has the same strength with iron that is strong, sturdy and actually it feels like holding an iron or holding a stone when you touch it. In fact, if you put it in a place that is open and easily exposed to direct sunlight, the fibers soaked in water will remain strong, let alone installed on the interior floor of the room would be more durable.

You can try both types of wood flooring with the type of wood as above so you will have a sturdy, natural and characteristic home floor with beautiful motifs, textures and colors so you will feel comfortable having a home with this wooden floor.

Comfortable Home Using Unique Wooden Floor And Character